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10 Reasons to become a member:

  1. 1.Do you need support and advice in negotiating or interpreting your service contract?  TACU provides this free to members.

  2. 2.Do you need legal advice and/or representation in a dispute between you and your contractor or the contracting authority?  TACU provides this free to members.

  3. 3.Have you had problems with late or withheld payments?  TACU takes up your case with the contractor.

  4. 4.Are you fed up with endless delays in evaluation procedures, causing you to lose other employment opportunities and forgo potential earnings?  TACU will lobby donors to shorten procedures and ensure contracting authorities meet deadlines or face sanctions.

  5. 5.Do you feel unfairly treated when you are not paid for travel days or when you aren’t paid the full per diems?  In the case of EuropeAid, TACU is campaigning to ensure that all contracts guarantee that travel days are treated as work (fee-earning) days and that per diems are paid according to the monthly rates published by the European Commission.  The same approach will be taken with any other donors where similar problems occur.

  6. 6.Do you normally pay your own travel and health insurance when abroad on a mission?  With EuropeAid, PRAG requires contractors to provide full insurance cover for experts in the field, but many don’t.  TACU is campaigning to ensure this regulation is enforced.

  7. 7.Do you wish you could have a voice in determining donor priorities, policies, programs and projects?  TACU will set up panels of experts to provide advice on these matters.

  8. 8.Do you despair at the lack of professionalism, competence and adherence to basic ethical principles on the part of too many contractors and experts?  TACU is developing a Code of Conduct for experts and, working with contractors’ representative bodies, a Code of Conduct for contractors.

  9. 9.Do you wish you could get objective information about the contractors who approach you with an offer, so that you can be sure you only join with reputable and fair firms?  TACU will compile and maintain a database evaluating contractors’ performances under a range of headings.

  10. 10.Would you like to stay informed about the new programs and priorities adopted by donors?  TACU keeps you informed of where the new opportunities are emerging.