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Our Advisory Board

As stated before, our Advisory Board is elected by our members and it supports managing TACU.

The following independent experts were elected to the Advisory Board by TACU’s members in a ballot held at the end of May last year.

Tony Barry is British. He is a civil engineer and for the last 19 years as an independent consultant has been based in Malaysia, from where he has undertaken projects throughout Central and South East Asia, and the Pacific. His activities have in recent years focused on infrastructure development with an increasing content of climate change adaptation.

Michael Gericke is German. He studied law before spending 18 years as a civil servant within Germany’s Public Employment Service and Ministry of Labour.  He has spent the last 10 years as a freelance consultant working mainly on EuropeAid contracts related to labour market and employment policy, social security, EU Structural Funds administration, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. He has mostly worked in Eastern and South Eastern Europe as well as Asia, pre-dominantly China.

Maria Paalman is Dutch. She is an independent consultant in the health sector and does short-term assignments, mostly on planning and financing of health systems in developing countries (Africa, Asia and Middle-East). She has previously worked long-term in Tanzania, Vietnam, Palestine and Ukraine. She has worked on projects financed by a variety of donors, including the EU, UN agencies and the World Bank, and also for DFID, the Dutch government, GTZ (now GIZ), and BTC, as well as for NGOs.

Robert Peacock is British. He worked for the British Standards Institution (BSI) for 15 years and Crown Agents for six years before setting up on his own. He has run his own company (Benma Limited) for the last 13 years. He has worked in technical assistance since 1987: on the contractor's side for 11 years and on the expert's side for 15 years. He now works either as a key expert or as a short-term expert on EuropeAid Technical Assistance, Framework Contract (FWC) and Twinning projects in the quality infrastructure field. He has also worked on project identification and evaluation assignments for EU-funded projects in the Internal Market (including technical regulations and conformity assessment) & Standardization sector. He has worked in Eastern Europe, particularly in the Western Balkans, the Mediterranean countries, the Middle East, Africa and East and South-East Asia.