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Concerning Contractors

An important action point for TA Consultants United are the coming ‘fights’ against ‘Crooks in the business’, contractors who:

  1. Make fraudulent use of CVs

  2. Use of CVs without having a signed SoE&A before definite selection

  3. Do not pay full per diems

  4. Unrightfully delay payments or

  5. Do not pay at all

Other priority points of attention are:

  1. Contractors and consortia are often not evaluated - systems are missing

  2. There are no sanctions on wayward contractors

  3. Body shops’ damage the industry

We strive to develop relations with the recognised organisations of contractors in order to develop a jointly agreed Code of Conduct for this industry. Establishing contacts has already started with the European organisations of contractors, but our goal is to accomplish global coverage.

We also aim at creating tripartite deliberations on industry level between funding agencies, organisations of contractors and organisations of TA consultants. This is meant to deliberate about industry developments and to accomplish an overall accepted Code of Conduct.

Our policies and actions towards consultants are founded on continuous research using reports, documented complaints of consultants, rulings, discussions, surveys and polls. This research is used to make a complete inventory of the practices of contractors, regarding:

  1. Pre-selection procedures and behaviour of contractors

  2. Financial arrangements

  3. Contractual provisions and facilities

  4. Gender practices

  5. Timely information

  6. Employment (working days per year)

  7. Timely and complete payment

  8. Overall contractors’ appreciation

All this is meant to service our members to make good decisions about their priorities, areas of work and development and with whom they work. We will provide rankings of the best and the worst contractors