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In recent years various attempts were made and actions were developed against rogue contractors. Despite all this the very most of these contractors are still in business. This makes you wonder about the systems donors use...

In short: if you want to get rid of bad contractors, you must fight for a change in the systems that allow bad contractors to exist. These systems are made by donors. Many donors such as the World Bank and USAID manage to keep their systems fairly 'clean' from contractors with a greedy or otherwise low moral.

EuropeAid is the champion system for bad contractors, with too many experts being confronted with contractual and payment issues and with too many contractors with a greedy attitude and no added value. Naming and shaming bad contractors will not help if systems are friendly to bad contractors. Our efforts should be directed towards a change in systems, in which experts are of effective importance and there are general rules for the game.

Action is being developed right now. To be continued very soon!