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Our information services for members:

We believe in the self-starting nature of our members. We support our members’ entrepreneurship with viable information about:

  1. Procedures, regulation, rulings and policies in our market

  2. Trends in rates 

  3. Market developments for TA-consultancy

  4. In order to ‘reveal’ the daily circumstances and practices of TA Consultants, to ‘map reality’ and to monitor developments, TA Consultants United carries out surveys and polls about the practices in our work.

  5. Gradually we will develop a ta-Consultants Market Information System (CMIS), systematically and regularly gathering hard data about: 

  6. Pre-selection procedures and behaviour of contractors

  7. Availability and exclusivity issues

  8. Financial arrangements

  9. Contractual provisions and facilities

  10. Meeting timeframes for projects

  11. The quality of evaluations and evaluators

  12. Gender practices

  13. Transparency

  14. Timely information

  15. Employment (working days per year)

  16. Timely and complete payment

  17. Overall contractors’ appreciation

All this is meant to service our members to make good decisions about their priorities, areas of work and development and with whom they work. We work on providing rankings of

  1. The best and the worst contractors

  2. Funding agencies

  3. And their subsidiaries.