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Agenda to improve the performance quality and innovation

TA Consultants United does not only focus on the material position of TA consultants as we are committed to better development cooperation.

We are keen to improve the performance quality in the industry and strives for innovative approaches:

Quality of performance

There is a lack of HR systems:

  1. No systems for identification and selection of (candidate) consultants at industry level

  2. Very poor selection procedures of consultants in projects

  3. No systems for training, education and guidance of consultants at industry level

  4. No systems for performance evaluation of consultants

  5. No systems of career development on industry level

  6. A professional profile of consultants is missing

  7. A Code of Conduct for consultants is missing

Programme design is poor:

  1. Programmes lack cultural sensitivity, with a general tendency to “copy-paste” EU policies

  2. Programmes focus too much on measures and too little on (preconditional) organisational development and – (major) change, hence the sustainability is threatened

There is no planning & control (despite all this project management mumbo jumbo):

  1. Programmes don't start on time

  2. Activities can not be finished on time

  3. Programme results are poorly evaluated

  4. In the EU area Delegations ‘do their own thing’

  5. Contractors are not evaluated (EU)

There is a low quality of coordination in programmes:

  1. In-country coordination of EU programmes (too often programmes target the same organisations at the same time)

  2. There is no international coordination of programmes (similar programmes requiring a similar experts profile)

  3. There is competition between EU programmes and those of other donors

  4. Country programmes often lack definition/determination of one coordinating / leading (overarching) programme.

Needs for innovations

The industry needs to innovate towards:

  1. Output orientation (strategy, (team profile), outputs & costs)

  2. Modernised selection process of consultants, taking into account:

  3. Team chemistry as an important asset

  4. Teams will be interviewed and individually assessed

  5. Assessments should include beneficiary references and the track record of results

  6. Performance evaluation systems for programmes, contractors and consultants

  7. Code of conduct / ethics for consultants

  8. Dedicated HR policy for the various funding agencies; these policies should include training, guidance and development of consultants and should take into account that there are ‘new ways of working’...