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TACU launches: Working with EuropeAid - the Experts' survey

By far most of the cases and complaints that we get are from EuropeAid programmes. And if you look at the discussions in relevant social media, for instance Linkedin groups you will see the same picture. Also relatively - taking into account that the European Commission is the biggest donor in development cooperation programmes -  EuropeAid collects most of the concerns, complaints and expressions of disappointment.

These are serious indications, worth looking deeper into how experts / consultants value EuropeAid. We would like to see if these impressions can be wider objectified.

For this purpose we have developed a (short) survey that intends to collect experts’ experiences and opinions about EuropeAid’s dealing with:

  1. General procedures and activities in the preparatory stages of a project

  2. The preparation of and control over project budgets

  3. The execution of projects

  4. Contractual issues

  5. The evaluation of projects

Taking this survey and its 16 main questions will only take maximum 10 minutes of your time. Promised!

Here is the link for the survey:

We would like to get your cooperation. Not only in taking the survey, but also to send it to every expert you know and to ask them to do the same: make this a very big 'snowball' survey.

Please see the introduction of the survey to see what we intend to do further, as this is not 'just a survey': it is an agenda for future action.

Thanks for all your cooperation in advance!