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Quality in services

  1. TA Consultants United provides high level services and maintains quality standards:

  2. TA Consultants United is managed by people:

  3. With experience in,

  4. Knowledge about

  5. And vision on the Technical Assistance and Development Cooperation industry.

  6. Furthermore service delivery is done by experts in association management making sure that members:

  7. Have a say in policies,

  8. Have a vote in draft-agreements and

  9. Are heard about service delivery.

  10. Qualified policy developers supporting members of TA Consultants United in gaining optimal influence in the areas of concern

  11. Seasoned negotiators making sure that the best balanced deals are achieved

  12. Specialised lawyers making a good case assessment and winning their cases.

  13. TA Consultants United is based on the idea that our potential members do not want an ‘old school trade union’ in which internal procedures and internal costs are dominant.

  14. We assume that our potential members would like to see a modern service organisation in which they are assured of:

  15. Excellent individual services and support

  16. Focussed negotiations and

  17. Spot-on information.

  18. Our members want influence on the design of policies and a vote in results, but without the hassle of a volunteers’ organisation, in which amateurs are supposed to deliver services.