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Membership subscription: Great investment

Excellent financial return!

For instance, with EU/EDF projects. Here’s how:

  1. €180 is less than one day’s expert fees, typically less than half a day for senior experts.  So, every extra day you work in a year because of improvements obtained by TACU repays your investment many times over. For instance, we are campaigning to ensure that CAs carry out evaluations of tenders on time. That one reform on its own will add many, many working and fee-earning days to experts each year.

  2. Per diems: many contractors pay experts far below the allowed Commission rates. We are campaigning to ensure that all experts, whether on service contracts (long-term or as STEs) or on FWC assignments, get paid the full rates. Contractors should not be allowed to take a margin on per diems nor cut them so that they can allocate the “savings” to other profit earning budget lines in their financial proposals. Look at your last assignments.  How much would you have been paid if you got the full per diems? Not sure what the rates are?  Go to http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/work/procedures/implementation/per_diems/index_en.htm and see how much was withheld from you.

  3. Travel days: in an increasing number of contracts, experts do not get (fully) paid for travel days, even though given their specific contracts these days should be considered as working days. We are campaigning for payment for travel days.
    Insurance: The Commission’s PRAG specifically states that contractors must insure all experts on mission. There are a lot of contractors who seem not to have read that bit.  Are you paying for your own insurance while abroad on mission? We are campaigning to ensure that contractors fulfill their legal obligations.

  4. Fees withheld: Many experts have fees withheld or paid only after very lengthy delays.  Most experts cannot afford to take legal action in the contractor’s jurisdiction and just have to accept their fate. TACU is offering free legal advice and representation in these and other disputes between experts and contractors. We will help you get the money you have earned.

Do you think you can get your money back?  If so, join us and make the above reality.