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Welcome to TA Consultants United

On the next pages you can make yourself acquainted with TA Consultants United - TACU in short. We are an advocacy organisation for the interests of individual consultants / experts who work in technical assistance for development cooperation.

We are a business association. Our members are mostly self-employed and owners of small businesses. TACU promotes and defends their interests and has a role in advancing this type of technical assistance.

If you are an expert or consultant in this line of work, you will have approximately 50,000 colleagues globally. All these colleagues until recently did not have access to donors and funding agencies to promote their interests. When a colleague had a problem with a contractor, often in a foreign country, he/she had to ‘sort it out’... alone.

This has changed since 2011 when TACU was established.

TA Consultants United has opened the way, representing our group of consultants in contacts and negotiations with donors, funding agencies and contractors.

And we have already started to change the business: employment procedures have been eased, safety procedures have been changed, obligations for insurances were accomplished. And next to that: members who got into trouble with contractors or donors found (legal) support. 

Have a deeper look at us and if you are a consultant/expert and like us: join us!

TACU has developed a guide about all the issues related to negotiating contracts for all sorts of experts.  The guide helps you to make a good contract, instead of something that you ‘just sign’. Read more

The TACU report ‘Fragmented’ informs you about all you need to know about projects and winning contractors. Who win the most projects, where, how much money is involved and much more. Read more

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