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Our member consultants want:

  1. Fair odds of gaining employment

  2. Short procedures to obtain employment

  3. And/or the possibility to join multiple tenders

  4. Smart policies & programme design

  5. Practical, focussed, output-oriented TORs

  6. Fair contractors delivering added value in commerce, expertise & HR plus effective backstopping

  7. Possibilities for individual development

  8. Appropriate tender evaluation:

  9. Oriented on outputs

  10. Allowing innovative approaches

  11. Done by competent evaluators

  12. Weighing competences (instead of counting beans)

  13. Selecting best teams (rather than ticking boxes)

  14. Easy reporting / appeal procedures when situations seem fishy or are unfair, with ‘Whistle-blower protection’

Our member consultants also want:

  1. Balanced (clearly dual sided) contracts with:

  2. Fair rates

  3. Provisions for travel costs, travel days,

  4. Full per diems,

  5. Fee rates indexed to cost of living

  6. Travel & health insurance

  7. Better possibilities to work from home

  8. Fair family policies

  9. More flexibility – output driven rather than presence

  10. Dispute arrangements

  11. Correct and on time payments

Our member consultants are furthermore committed to:

  1. Tangible project results

  2. Satisfied clients

  3. Rightfully proud donors / funding agencies

  4. Flourishing contractors making the difference

  5. Making sustainable contributions to development

If this is you, become a member!